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About Me

Arun Nukula is a Senior Solution Architect and a Technology Leader at VMware with experience in Cloud Automation and Management​.  Started my career as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard , learnt the skills which gave an opportunity to work at VMware​.  Joined VMware as a Solutions Engineer , worked with some brilliant minds and experts before deciding to be a Consultant at BMC Software​. This is where i got introduced to Cloud Automation and Management. I was part of few Public and Private Cloud  Design and Implementations. Then took a step to be a Senior Consultant/ Manager Operations at Cognizant. Got my first opportunity to be a developer where we did create out of the box blueprints which would deploy SAP Products like , BI , BW , SOLMAN , ERP and many others. 

​ Automated Day-2 ops like System Copy and System Refresh​. In 2014, Made a decision to make a comeback at VMware.​ Donned various roles in my second stint  like  Senior Engineer , Staff and then Senior Staff.  Worked with Account Managers , Sales , Professional Services , Major Telcos  , Banks  in APJ and ANZ , SEAK and many more Global Accounts of VMware. I love VMware's vRealize suite of products.  As a Senior Solutions Architect my responsibility is to ensure the products are implemented , adopted and used to its potential. Help Strategic Accounts in their journey to Cloud.​​NUKESCLOUD is all about vRealize suite of products and some important content which will help you in your journey.​ I am a certified Product Manager too. Have contributed many ideas which have been incorporated into products. ​In short , I am a strategic thinker , collaborative leader , executioner , good listener and finally  one who has passion for products with  customer-centric  mindset​​​. All thoughts, ideas, and rants are my own and are in no way representative of my employer.

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