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Removing stale Puppet entries from Configuration Items

When provisioning / destroy fails or is stuck due to whatever reason , there is every chance that we have to manually clean them.

In our scenario, these stale entries were present under vRA Items -> Configuration Management

Note : Before we get into steps to remove these entries from Database , we have to have a full backup of vRA vPostgres database

Also ensure , Virtual Machine tagged to this entry is no longer present on the endpoint and managed by vRA

Steps to remove these entries from Database

  • After database backup has been taken, take a snapshot of vRA appliance

  • Connect to vRA postgres database

  • These entries would be present under cat_resource and cat_resource_owners tables

  • Filter active Puppet entries using below query

  • select * FROM public.cat_resource WHERE resourcetype_id = 'ConfigManagement.Puppet' AND status = 'ACTIVE';

  • One above query is executed, you would be presented with all active Puppet entries, this would match with the UI entries

  • Before we delete entries from cat_resource , we need to remove references from cat_resource_owner

Using the value present in id column of above query execute following query on cat_resource_owners

  • select * FROM public.cat_resource_owners WHERE resource_id = 'XXXXX';

You would be presented with one result, then delete it

delete * FROM public.cat_resource_owners WHERE resource_id = 'XXXXX';

Now for the resource_id which was used in the previous query to remove from cat_resource_owners , select the binding ID and then remove it from cat_resource table

select * FROM public.cat_resource WHERE binding_id = 'YYYYY';

then delete this entry from database

delete * FROM public.cat_resource WHERE binding_id = 'YYYYY';

Now refresh vRA portal , removed Puppet entry would be no longer present.

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