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Patching vRealize Automation after upgrade to version 7.4

VMware recently released HF3 as it's called internally to remediate few important bugs.

Click here to checkout what bugs are fixed

Getting Ready

  • Take Snapshots

  • Verify that all nodes in your vRealize Automation installation are up and running

  • If your environment uses load balancers for HA, disable traffic to secondary nodes and disable service monitoring until after installing or removing patches and all services are showing REGISTERED.

In the same manner disable traffic for all secondary members

  • Obtain the patch file from knowledge base article and copy it to the file system from where you would access VAMI interface of vRA appliances

Note : Click here for Additional Pre-Requisites, do read , do not skip

Implementing Patch

  • Login into Master Node's VAMI page

  • Click on vRA Settings -> Patches

Note : To enable or disable Patch Management, log in to the vRealize Automation appliance using the console or SSH as root, and enter one of the following commands:

/opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/hotfix/scripts/ enable /opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/hotfix/scripts/ disable

  • Click on upload patch , select location and upload

  • Once upload is complete it would give you an option to install the patch. Remember do not refresh the page once you start an upload , just wait till it completes

  • Click on "INSTALL" to start installation of patch

  • Once Installed, status should change to "Success.Install Complete"

  • We can check what patches are installed by browsing through "Installed Patches" section

Post Installation Procedures

  • Verify if all services are in "REGISTERED" state on all nodes

( not showing other two nodes as i know they are running )

  • Re-enable LB traffic to secondary nodes

  • Finish testing by provisioning few workloads , once done consolidate snapshots taken during pre-requisites check

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