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vRealize Suite LifeCycle Manager Introduction

vRealize Suite LifeCycle Manager a.k.a vRLCM is designed to streamline and simplify deployment and on-going management of vRealize product portfolio

vRLCM automates the install , configuration , upgrade and health management across vRealize suite products within a single pane of glass


vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager can install and manage following vRealize Suite products

  • vRealize Automation

  • vRealize Business for Cloud

  • vRealize Operations

  • vRealize Log Insight


User is prompted up front for the hostnames / IP's and license keys. vRLCM then proceeds to deploy and configure products with no further user interactions.

Configuration Management and Drift Remediation

Once the product is configured tot he desired state, we can use vRLCM to capture a baseline configuration.

Over time, configuration changes may occur causing product configuration to drift from the baseline configuration.

vRLCM displays the configuration drift that has occurred and provides the capability to remediate this configuration drift, returning the product to the baseline configuration.

Health and Market Place

Working in conjunction with vRealize Operations, vRLCM can display the health status of the product it manages


One click upgrade of vRealize Suite products it manages

Content Management

Feature to capture, test and release software defined content such as blueprint, templates, workflows etc...


Simplified installation and configuration that saves time and effort

Easy alignment with VMware recommended reference architecture and validated design

Minimized on-going management effort by leveraging automated configuration and drift management with health monitoring

The upgrade is simplified for all supported vRealize suite products

System Requirements

vRLCM runs as a single virtual appliance running VMware's photon OS

Clustering is not possible use vSphere HA

  • 2 vCPUs if content management is disabled

  • 4 vCPUs if content management is enabled

  • 16 GB Memory

  • 135 GB Storage

Supported vRealize Suite Products


Download OVA from My VMware portal

  • VMware-vLCM-Appliance-

Deploy and pass on necessary parameters like hostname & network information

Once powered on and boot process completes , use a supported browser to connect to your vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance by using appliance IP Address or FQDN

  • https://<<IPaddress or FQDN >>/vrlcm

If your using for logging in for the first time

  • username : admin@localhost

  • password : vmware

That's it

Welcome to the world of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager

I would blog more about vRLCM as i am configuring it in my lab .. so stay tuned ....

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