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What's New in vRealize Automation 7.5

vRealize Automation 7.5 released on September 20, 2018. Below is the list of new features and enhancements which came up with this release.

Revamped UI and User Experience

A complete new look and feel for vRealize Automation along with streamlined flows for common self-service tasks

  • UI based on VMware Clarity standards

  • Larger catalog cards show more of the description

  • Cleaner catalog view

  • Multiple instances of the same catalog item across business groups are now rolled up; the user selects the business group at request time

  • Items and Requests tab merged into new Deployments tab

  • Request details for decommissioned resources moved to the Administration tab

  • Improved status of in-progress requests

  • History view shows all requests associated with a single deployment over time

  • Improved search capabilities across product menus and objects

  • Contextual access to documentation from the product UI

  • Home page and portlets are deprecated in this release

  • Save button on requests is deprecated in this release

Improved Integration with vRealize Operations Manager

This release introduces deployment dashboards for application owners and enhancements to intelligent workload placement capabilities via integration with vRealize Operations.

  • Show deployment alerts and key metrics (CPU, memory, IOPS, and network) for machines in the deployment details view

  • Enable optimization of vRealize Automation managed workloads to align with vRealize Operations placement policy

  • This builds on an earlier integration for optimizing initial placement to allow ongoing optimization of existing workload

Configuration Automation Framework

Native integration with external Ansible Tower Management tool.

  • OOTB support for Ansible Tower as first class citizens in vRealize Automation

  • Drag and drop Ansible Tower object in the Blueprint design canvas

  • Parameterize and support early and late binding/request time

  • Dynamically select Ansible job templates,including playbooks, for application configuration

  • Support Day 2 actions to register or decommission machine

Troubleshooting Improvements

  • Improvements to Force Delete/Re-Submit ( failed or orphaned deployments)

  • Post-Migration validation

  • Consistent log tracing across solution

  • Expose trace-id to the vRealize Orchestrator plug-in API

vRO Database Clustering and Configuration

  • vRO database configuration moved to vRA VAMI

  • Embedded vRO database ( Postgres) is now able to be clustered and supports failover

Microsoft Azure Blueprint Enhancements

Support for Azure Managed Disks

Enhanced Support for Azure regions

NSX-T Datacenter Native Integration

vRealize Automation now has native integration with NSX-T Datacenter

  • OOTB support for NSX-T Datacenter as first class citizen in vRealize Automation

  • Drag and Drop the following NSX-T Datacenter Services in blueprint design canvas

  • Support for Day-2 actions

Event Broker & Custom forms Improvements

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