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Endpoint with id [XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX] is not found in SQL Server on IAAS endpoint

Recently, I was looking at a problem where user was unable to save an NSX endpoint

When we edit these endpoints and click on "Test Connection" , it does succeed.

But as soon as we click on save, we get below exception under /var/log/vmware/vcac/catalina.out

[UTC:2019-02-26 04:12:41,054 Local:2019-02-26 15:12:41,054] vcac: [component="cafe:iaas-proxy" priority="ERROR" thread="tomcat-http--3" tenant="nukescloud" context="Ge5uipgR" parent="Ge5uipgR" token="iVIMcVWX"] com.vmware.vcac.iaas.controller.endpointconfiguration.EndpointController.update:121 - Endpoint update failed: Endpoint with id [XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX] is not found in SQL Server on IAAS endpoint.

We definitely know that there is a problem w.r.t this endpoint on SQL database , but where was the question.

I did create an NSX endpoint in my lab , it creates updates both vPostgres DB for vRA and SQL db for IaaS

As first step, let's look into vRA's Postgres database

Login into postgres database

su - postgres /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql vcac

Enable expanded display

vcac=# \x Expanded display is on.

Then , review the contents of this table

vcac=# select * from public.epconf_endpoint;

This is how the output would look. You have two endpoints visible

One for the vCenter and the other for NSX.

id displayed in the above table is the NSXEndpointId what SQL refers in it's IaaS database

type_id is the type of endpoint you create

name and description are the descriptors you give while creating an endpoint

extension_data is the data it fetches from the endpoint w.r.t certificate thumbprint , username & password

created_date and last_updated are self explanatory

Now let's compare this with SQL's table which has this configuration

The table we are interested would be [dbname].[DynamicOps.VCNSModel].[VCNSEndpoints] as show in the below screenshot

As i stated earlier Id in vRA's Postgres database should be same as NSXEndpointId in IaaS database

In the environment where the failure was observed, NSXEndpointId was set to NULL

Now that we established a relationship by trying to understand how this works from DB perspective , it was easy to fix it on the problematic environment

All we had to do is to execute an update statement to replace the NULL value with it's appropriate ID captured from postgres database

Example :-

update [vradistrib].[DynamicOps.VCNSModel].[VCNSEndpoints] set NSXEndpointId = '79fc5423-089b-4b4a-8a7a-b416f68e70bb' where Id = '3';

!! Hope this helps !!

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