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Adding and Removing a Cluster VIP for vRLI managed by vRSLCM

Updated: Jun 30, 2023



vRealize LogInsight does not use an external load balancer for balancing load between nodes which are part of vRLI cluster

External load balancer is not supported. Log Insight features an Integrated Load Balancer (ILB) which supports one or more Virtual IP Address (VIPs).

Each VIP balances incoming ingestion and query traffic fairly among available Log Insight nodes.

Each VIP also ensures that incoming ingestion and query traffic is accepted even if some Log Insight nodes become unavailable.

It is recommended that all Log Insight clients, using the web user interface and/or ingestion (via Syslog or the API), connect to Log Insight via a VIP defined below and not directly to a node.

Please refer to the section "Working with an Integrated Load Balancer" of the Online Help


I have deployed a single node vRealize LogInsight in my lab through vRSLCM

Since , I have not configured VIP or there it's not a Cluster yet. Under Product properties you would see "Configure Cluster VIP" set to false

Below screenshot shows you the appliance properties , where the VM Name , FQDN and the IP Address of the appliance is shown along with the vCenter where it's placed etc...


Configure VIP or Integrated Load Balancer for vRealize LogInsight

Login into vRealize LogInsight 8.x , navigate to cluster under management

Here you would see all of the nodes which are part of cluster if it's already configured. If it's not then you would see a standalone node.

This is the pane where you can configure integrated load balancer for vRLi

I do have an IP which has been reserved for vRLI VIP or vRLI ILB , I have also created a DNS record for resolution purposes

Now , we shall go ahead and click on " New Virtual IP Address " as shown below

Enter the IP and then the FQDN of the VIP. Tags are not mandatory

Click on Save , it will start configuring the VIP or ILB

Once completed , status will be flipped to "Available"

Since this vRealize LogInsight is managed by vRSLCM , now go ahead and perform an inventory sync to reflect cluster properties on vRLI product

Since the Inventory Sync is now complete , if we check the product properties now you would see vRLI cluster IP and then the FQDN too


Un-Configure VIP or Integrated Load Balancer for vRealize LogInsight

Under vRLI , click on management and cluster , select the VIP and then delete it

Perform Inventory Sync to refresh product properties on vRSLCM which would remove

As you can see the cluster properties are now removed


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