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Check for upgrades returned with a value -6 Internal Error. Please make sure sfcbd is running.

A week back , there was a scenario where a check for an upgrade was being performed in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10 to be upgraded to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12 but this was resulting on a failure as shown below in the screenshot


Checking for available updates, this process can take a few minutes... Check for updates returned with a value - 6 Internal error. Please make sure stcbd is running.

Why is this seen ?

This message is usually seen if the upgrade is being triggered using a CD Rom ( iso method ) and that is not mapped appropriately or is not connected properly

To resolve ensure the CD Rom is connected properly. When an iso is mapped there is a reconfigure task which is created and this should complete appropriately without an exception. If this task is failing continuously then power-off vRSLCM or Suite Lifecycle appliance and then map an iso.

Hope this helps !!

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