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How do you download product binaries and product support packs after Day-2 changes

Updated: May 14


Download VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

  • Once you have logged in, select VMware Cloud Foundation

  • Go to MY DOWNLOADS, you would need select the product you wish to download. In this example i would like to download VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle and it's product support packs

  • Select VMware Aria Universal and then click on VMware Aria Universal Enterprise

  • Then click on the Subscription

  • Click on View Group next to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

  • Click on the cloud icon to download the binary


Product Support Packs and Patches Downloads

  • For downloading Product Support Packs and Patches released for all VMware Aria Products which are wrapped with Suite Lifecycle wrapper, select VMware Aria Universal

  • Click on Solutions , next to the products

  • Then expand enterprise plus and then click on SUBSCRIPTION

  • You would see all patches and product support packs

  • Search for appropriate product support pack or patch and then download it


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great post thank you very much! Could you add the info of obtaining Management packs? I think it will be useful too

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