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Increasing /storage/log partition size inside a vRealize Automation appliance

Follow below steps to successfully increase existing partition size of /storage/log of a vRealize Automation appliance


Full backup or clone of vRA nodes

This activity must not be performed during business hours or weekdays. Downtime has to be taken and perform under a scheduled change

Note : If you have a HA setup, then start this activity on a secondary nodes


Select vRA appliance using vSphere Client and add an additional disk

I am adding a 20 GB disk for this example

Run df -h and make a note of existing /storage/log partition name , if you go by defaults it must be /dev/sdb1

Run this command to manually scan for a new device

echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan

Check if new disk is seen in the VM by running command "dmesg"

Run fdisk /dev/sde (considering /dev/sde) and start recreating the partition following the

example shown in the screeshot

Once above step has been completed , execute command " partprobe " , This would commit any changes made to kernel

Now create a filesystem executing

mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sde1

( In my case it's /dev/sde1 , it might vary if you have added additional disks to vRA appliance previously )

Execute following command

mkdir /tmp/log/

mount -t ext3 /dev/sde1 /tmp/log/

df -h

Stop all services using commands

vcac-vami service-manage stop vco-server vcac-server horizon-workspace elasticsearch

service vpostgres stop

Then execute

cp -a /storage/log/* /tmp/log

cd /


Post that execute command

sed -i -e 's#/dev/sdb1#/dev/sde1#' /etc/fstab

(Make sure you use the correct Filesystem here)

Now reboot vRA appliance

Validate /storage/log partition once and check if application logging is working as expected

!! Hope this helps !!

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