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Install VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12 Patch 2 before upgrading to 8.14 for 7 crucial reasons


The product team for VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle has issued a new update, known as "VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12 Patch 2," addressing crucial issues.

We advise customers intending to upgrade from 8.12 to 8.14 to initially apply Patch 2 to their existing 8.12 installation.

Following this, proceed with the upgrade to 8.14 for a smooth and uninterrupted upgrade.



It's crucial to take snapshots before upgrading. If a failure occurs, rollback, analyze, and proceed with caution, avoiding repeated upgrade attempts on the failed environment


What are those 7 Reasons?

Solution to address the issue associated with the "Check Online" upgrade method of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle when configured with a proxy

If a proxy is set up in Suite Lifecycle, the "Check Online" upgrade method may encounter a failure, presenting an exception message indicating "No Upgrade Available."

The resolution to this problem is implemented through the application of 8.12 Patch 2, which ensures that the requests originating from Suite Lifecycle to the upgrade repository adhere to the configured proxy settings.


Updated checksum for the Windows Connector, enabling the successful download of VMware Identity Manager 3.3.7 binaries

When attempting to map VMware Identity Manager binaries, a checksum exception arises, as depicted below.

This issue stems from a recent modification in the Windows connector build.

For users with Suite Lifecycle 8.12 planning to download 3.3.7 binaries, it is crucial to apply Patch 2. This ensures that the updated checksum is integrated into Suite Lifecycle, leading to a successful mapping of the binaries.


Fixed the issue related to collecting all necessary logs needed for debugging the upgrade of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

In the event of an upgrade failure, it is essential to gather all relevant logs for debugging purposes.

Upon the installation of Suite Lifecycle 8.12 Patch 2, it guarantees the comprehensive collection of all necessary logs required for an upgrade.

Key logs that demand attention during the upgrade process include:



Updated descriptions for the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle upgrade pre-check to ensure accuracy

The descriptions for pre-checks conducted prior to the upgrade were identical. This issue has been rectified in the Suite Lifecycle Patch 2


Improved the upgrade pre-validation report, explicitly displaying the KB link when the root partition check fails.

Before initiating an upgrade, one of the pre-checks involves verifying whether there is sufficient space in the / partition. With the implementation of Patch 2, if a warning for this pre-check arises during an upgrade attempt, it will display the relevant KB article outlining steps to address and alleviate the space issue under the / partition


Resolved the upgrade problem in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle when FIPS is deactivated

In Suite Lifecycle 8.12 environments where FIPS is disabled, an upgrade may encounter a stall during the post-update phase. To preemptively circumvent this issue, a workaround involves creating a /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable flag before initiating the upgrade. If the issue is already encountered, the following KB article provides steps to resolve it:

The application of Patch 2 addresses and resolves this problem, eliminating the need for these workarounds.


Addressed issues related to Operations for Logs scale-out operations

An improvement has been implemented in the scale-out process to prevent any failures when new nodes attempt to join the cluster


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