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Multiple/duplicate requests are being requested automatically post submitting a single XaaS bp

Note : Timestamps mentioned below is just an example

When the user submits request for the first time on [UTC:2019-08-19 23:49:05,475 Local:2019-08-20 11:49:05,475] , from Catalina.out of vRA we see four submissions

Each time there are different execution id’s for the workflow as shown in the above section

[UTC:2019-08-19 23:49:11,573 Local:2019-08-20 11:49:11,573] vcac: [component="cafe:o11n-gateway" priority="INFO" thread="o11n-gateway-service-subscrAmqpExec-6" tenant="vsphere.local" context="Yz2eG2qO" parent="" token="ibo5TyOu"] - Workflow 076852da-ba58-4da2-82c4-4a1c6ff5b9eb has been executed with executionId 0c0f1f1a-74d7-4d8b-ba99-39a664c178be

[UTC:2019-08-19 23:49:30,774 Local:2019-08-20 11:49:30,774] vcac: [component="cafe:o11n-gateway" priority="INFO" thread="o11n-gateway-service-subscrAmqpExec-2" tenant="vsphere.local" context="b6bDVSVw" parent="" token="eXptiSGd"] - Workflow 076852da-ba58-4da2-82c4-4a1c6ff5b9eb has been executed with executionId 0274db79-3d68-4eb9-9e89-707b9e5e40ed

[UTC:2019-08-19 23:49:42,724 Local:2019-08-20 11:49:42,724] vcac: [component="cafe:o11n-gateway" priority="INFO" thread="o11n-gateway-service-subscrAmqpExec-4" tenant="vsphere.local" context="CnaBzAN7" parent="" token="BbiNoxQS"] - Workflow 076852da-ba58-4da2-82c4-4a1c6ff5b9eb has been executed with executionId 6694050f-4c77-4c5a-8e80-921edda3d492

[UTC:2019-08-19 23:50:35,643 Local:2019-08-20 11:50:35,643] vcac: [component="cafe:o11n-gateway" priority="INFO" thread="o11n-gateway-service-subscrAmqpExec-4" tenant="vsphere.local" context="eWqLt26s" parent="" token="zLMn0Xqs"] - Workflow 076852da-ba58-4da2-82c4-4a1c6ff5b9eb has been executed with executionId f6afefd9-86bc-4b4c-a8aa-abf54554f1e3

This is a bug which is reproducible in both vRA 7.5 and 7.6

Trigger for this issue is that the onAction() handler within the catalog request form is triggered every time the user clicks on either 'Submit','Previous' or 'Next'

The handler in turn calls the handleActionSuccess() method which issues a POST call to Catalog service with the request details.

The handler is involved every-time the user clicks on either of the three buttons, which in turn , results in multiple POST requests being issued.

Simple fix for this problem is to only invoke the POST call if action is 'Submit', this helps us to avoid duplicate requests.

This is being fixed under upcoming patch release for vRA 7.5 and 7.6

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