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Version table below vRA cluster tab showing incorrect status

I was working on a vRA upgrade that was being performed using vRLCM

Most of the components were upgraded apart from DEM Orchestrator. This one was constantly failing due to some unknown issues.

Since this was the last component we decided to go ahead and install it manually.

It did install and the whole upgrade was complete.

But when we go to VAMI and check the Cluster tab and the versions, DEM Orchestrator status on the node was set to "Upgrade Failed"

This information under the Cluster tab of VAMI is actually coming from two places

1. Management Agent installed on the IAAS node where the respective components are installed

2. cluster_nodes table of vPostgres

Inspecting cluster_nodes we do find that there is a ping_info column has the above information


As you can see above there is this "condition" tag inside the ping_info column of cluster_nodes table. This is coming from or being updated inside this table from the Management agent.

In order to resolve this issue, we have to remove this condition tag inside this table.

Management Agent pulls this information from the registry of the IAAS node where the components are installed.

To remediate

Go to following path

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\VMware, Inc.\VMware vCloud Automation Center DEM

Click on DemInstance01 or DemInstance02 ( depends on your environment ) 

On the right side check if you have ComponentCondition registry key

If yes , delete the registry key

Restart Management Agent on the node

Now if you go back to VAMI the version column and the data inside ping_info column should have appropriate info and VAMI should know correct data








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