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vRealize Network Insight Upgrade from 6.7 to 6.8



Ensure vRSLCM 8.10 PSPACK 1 is implemented

Download / Upload the product binary

Click here for vRNI 6.8 Release Notes


Select the product from the Environment Pane and click on Upgrade

Trigger Inventory Sync . Ensure it's completed. Then click on Upgrade

Ensure appropriate binary or upgrade bundle is selected

Take a Product Snapshot , if you want to retrain the snapshot after upgrade you may do so

Run Precheck

What Prechecks are performed ?

vRNI healthy platform check
vRNI SSH status check on platform
vRNI SSH status check on collector
vRNI version check 
vRNI number of VMs check

Submit upgrade request

Upgrade Workflow is now started

Different states in the upgrade are as below

Stage:1 Shutting down Guest OS
Stage:2 Shutting down Guest OS
Stage:3 Creating Node Snapshot (Platform and Collector)
Stage:4 Power On VM
Stage:5 Power On VM
Stage:6 productHealthCheck
Stage:7 Create snapshot Inventory
Stage:8 upgradevrni
Stage:9 deleteNodeSnapshot
Stage:10 productupgradeinventoryupdate

Let's inspect Stage:8 in detail

Inside stage 8 we have

VRNI Upload Upgrade Bundle
VRNI Upgrade Bundle Status
Upgrade Precheck
Upgrade Precheck Status
VRNI Online Upgrade
Check Upgrade Status
VRNI VCF Watermark Configuration
On VRNI VCF Watermark Configuration Success
Product Patch Upgrade Notification Modification
Modify Notification Scheduler

Deep Dive on Stage:8 will be updated soon....

This concludes the upgrade. Remember to perofrm inventory sycn for sure before you upgrade vRNI. This is very important.


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