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Upgrade vROps 6.6.1 to 6.7 - Runbook


  • Take a snapshot of all virtual appliances that make up your vROps cluster. Per VMware’s update instructions, you should uncheck the option to snapshot the virtual appliance memory and uncheck the option to quiesce the guest operating system

  • Download the vRealize Operations Manager Virtual Appliance Update

  • vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-

  • vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-


One of the many advantages to using the virtual appliance deployment of vRealize Operations is that it’s not only easy to deploy but it’s super-easy to upgrade. Both the operating system AND the vRealize Operations application can be upgraded in a few clicks. Here’s how to do it, step by step

Step 1

Login to the vROps admin interface at – https://<master-node-FQDN-or-IP-address>/admin

vROps Admin UI

Step 2

Take the cluster offline

Give a description on why you would like to take cluster offline

You can see the cluster is going offline


Step 3

Install the Operating System Update

Go to the Software Update panel and click Install a Software Update.

Select the OS PAK update file that you downloaded, as in the graphic below and click Upload

Once upload completes , staging starts

Accept EULA

Read Release and Update Information

Click on Install

Step 4

Monitor Update Progress

After some time, the OS update will be complete and you can move on to the virtual appliance update

Step 5

Install the vRealize Operations Manager virtual appliance update

As in Step 5, you’ll go to the Software Update panel and click Install Software Update.

Follow the same series of steps, shown above but provide the virtual appliance update PAK file this time. Click Upload.

PAK upload in progress

Staging in progress....

Read Release and Update information and click next ..

Click on Install ....

Installation in Progress...

Step 6

Installation Completed

Step 7

Finally , we have our new version of vRealize Operations 6.7

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