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Installing vRealize Automation 7.5

There isn't a great deal of difference in deploying a simple instance of vRA 7.5. It's same as in it's previous versions.

Sharing screenshots from my implementation in lab , as it might benefit others.

Run Prerequisite Checks once it shows failure , click on Fix so that it runs script on IAAS node mapped to this appliance and get's it ready for the install

Now once these pre-reqs are done , move on to enter vRA appliance hostname here and then click on Next

Configure SSO ( administrator@vsphere.local )

Configure SQL Server

Configure DEM's

Configure Agents

Generate Certificates

Web and Manager are on same node , so no need of a separate certificate in this case ( simple install )

Post Certificates, It would bring up a screen to take snapshots and then the installation starts.

It took around 30 minutes for the installation to complete

Post Installation , one has to license vRA and it would present post-installation options

That's it , it's so simple to install vRA 7.5 ( that's been the case since 7.x was launched )

Will explore various features in my upcoming posts...

!! Stay Tuned !!

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