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Failures during vRA patch installation

Was working on a brand new installation of vRA 7.4 where we were attempting to patch with the latest one under KB 56618

While implementing , it was throwing a straight exception right after the upload's completed

Below was the exception in /var/log/vmware/vcac/vcac-config.log

But actual exception on why the failure was under IAAS node's Management Agent All.log

Failure was seen because IAAS was unable to fetch binaries from vRA Appliance

On vRA Virtual Appliance nodes, open /etc/hosts file, find the entry for IPv4 loopback IP Address ( Make sure that the ‘Fully Qualified Domain Name’ of the node immediately follows ‘’, before ‘localhost’. ** Example: FQDN_HOSTNAME_OF_NODE localhost

In our case it was as below

/etc/hosts was


# Generated by Studio VAMI service. Do not modify manually. localhost vraapp01 load-balancer-host


Actually it should be


# Generated by Studio VAMI service. Do not modify manually. vraapp01 localhost

::1 vraapp01 localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback

# VAMI_EDIT_END localhost.localdom load-balancer-host

This change has been documented in the Patch KB as well.

Here are the screenshots for failure and successful patch installation

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