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Upgrade vRealize Lifecycle Manager

At the end of this blog post, you should be able t

  • Upgrade vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to a newer version

  • Locate upgrade related log files

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Pre-Upgrade Tasks

Prior to upgrading vRLCM to a newer version following checks and best practices must be followed

  • Verify if Upgrade Path is supported

  • Review Release Notes of the target version

  • No vRLCM tasks must be in "In Progress"

  • Virtual Hardware Requirements are met

  • Pre-Upgrade Snapshot Mandatory

Upgrading vRLCM

An upgrade is performed by using Settings --> Update tab under vRLCM UI as shown under below screenshot.

We can verify current version of vRLCM installed and select repository type to upgrade the appliance

There are three types of Repository options

Default repository is an online repository available through VMware over Internet. Needs internet access to use this option

CD-ROM options is suitable if vRLCM does not have access to Internet. User has to download update ISO from VMware Downloads page and then attach it to the appliance via CD-ROM

Custom Repository URL can be used to upgrade vRLCM to an intermediate release or to use a locally hosted repository containing the extracted contents of vRLCM upgrade iso files

Then click on CHECK UPDATES , vRLCM responds back if the updates are available or not

Post that click on INSTALL UPGRADES to start the upgrade. During upgrade vRLCM appliance will be rebooted and will be temporarily unavailable

After the upgrade is successful, vRLCM displays the message stating it's upgraded successfully in the UI

Monitoring Upgrade

Since update process restarts vRLCM WebServices and restarts the appliance , the UPDATE tab of vRLCM UI does not provide live information on the progress of the update

After the update installation is complete , refresh the page of the browser to see the results.

If the update goes wrong , UI would not be available. At that point in time we need to ssh to the appliance and review /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/updatecli.log and find out what went wrong or the reason which led to the failure.

Collect the log bundle before you rollback snapshot. Provide the bundle to VMware Support for analysis in case one need's any assistance.

Post-Upgrade Tasks

  • Configure new product binaries supported by upgraded version of vRLCM

  • Perform acceptance testing to confirm vRLCM is working as expected

  • When satisfied that the upgrade is successful , delete snapshot

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