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Reconfigure action fails with exception " An item with the same key has already been added &quo

Last week was debugging a problem where user was trying to reconfigure a VM which was imported into vRA

Version of vRA was 7.3.1 , There is a possibility for this issue to occur in any release prior to 7.4

Exception :-

An item with the same key has already been added

Reconfigure actions works as expected for all provisioned virtual machines from vRA , only bulk imported machines experience this problem

Reason for Failure

  • With every reconfigure , we do a sync on networks where in we check for network custom properties like VirtualMachine.Network0.<property>

  • While syncing the vRA uses a regex which is suppose to return a unique property key-value for the above property but instead returns more than one value if the machine properties were imported. This causes a .net exception which results in the request being marked as failed even though the reconfigure happens in vSphere

Fix for this is present in vRealize Automation 7.4


Open IaaS database using SQL Management Studio and remove properties which begin with "__preregistration"

First verify that these properties exist in the database

SELECT * FROM VirtualMachineProperties WHERE PropertyName LIKE '__preregistration.%';

If these do exist, then remove them DELETE FROM VirtualMachineProperties WHERE PropertyName LIKE '__preregistration.%';

!! Hope this helps !!

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