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ABX actions are failing with "PAM:Authentication token is no longer valid" error


In ABX service logs you see similar error messages:

abx-service [host='abx-service-app-5c578445f7-j2w6m' thread='parallel-47' user='' org='' trace='' component='GatewayActionProvider' method='convertExceptions:437' actionRunI
d='8a7480a179b68ffb0179e552568b1e1a' context='87aad62e-0d90-4a61-b265-8b3720239a00' tokenId='8eb4435a-be1f-4921-9ca3-d809625dce4c' parentTokenId='8bdaa86c-1a01-4714-8c8f-9b1d41a5d98f'] c.v.a.a.p.i.g.Gate
wayActionProvider.convertExceptions:437 - Converting gateway provider exception to abx provider exception:
        com.vmware.automation.abx.serverless.gateway.exception.BuildImageException: ontext: [/workspace]
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] COPY . /function/
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Resolved . to .
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Resolved /function/ to /function
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Getting files and contents at root /workspace/ for /workspace
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Copying file /workspace/Dockerfile to /function/Dockerfile
        ESC[37mDEBUESC[0m[0015] Copying file /workspace/ to /function/
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] RUN groupadd function
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] cmd: /bin/sh
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] args: [-c groupadd function]
        ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[0015] Running: [/bin/sh -c groupadd function]
        You are required to change your password immediately (password expired)
        groupadd: PAM: Authentication token is no longer valid; new one required
        error building image: error building stage: failed to execute command: waiting for process to exit: exit status


Root password for base ABX runner image has expired.

Affected Version

vRealize Automation 8.4 GA

vRealize Automation 8.4.1 GA


This problem is addressed in vRA 8.4.2 GA and later versions


1. Take a snapshot of the appliances
2. Download on one of the appliances
3. Make the patch file executable:
   chmod a+x ./
4. Run the patch file:

Click to download the script

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