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AutoConfigurer cleaned up resource <xxxxxx>

AutoConfigurer is a process of deleting "RETIRED" resources from vRA 8.x environment.

The moment it's marked as retired in the next data collection cycle it's deleted from vRA

Here's a simple test performed in my lab

Deployed a test deployment

Here are the details of the deployment

Deployment details on the vCenter

Checked the latest data collection if it happened

Powered off the virtual machine which belongs to the deployment

Deleted the virtual machine

Data Collection yet to start in 4 minutes

Deployment History of this machine

Detected as powered off

Data Collection about to be executed

Remember , this machine or resource has already been deleted from the vCenter

After the new data collection cycle is complete

This is where your AutoConfigurer will delete the resource after marking it as RETIRED

2021-02-09T06:51:10.137Z [priority='INFO' thread='vsphere-enum-2' user='' org='' context='' parent='' token=''] c.v.p.c.m.a.v.p.ResourceBatchProcessor.lambda$fetchToBeDeletedResources$7:233 - [] Will delete [1] documents of type [VirtualMachine] for resources [["retiretest->/resources/compute/06510162-8982-41a1-898a-f6f721f2a41e"]].
2021-02-09T06:51:10.138Z [priority='INFO' thread='vsphere-enum-2' user='' org='' context='' parent='' token=''] c.v.p.c.m.a.v.p.VMBatchProcessor.lambda$deleteResourcesIncremental$28:270 - Deleting 1 resources of type VirtualMachine with morefs [VirtualMachine:vm-3109]
2021-02-09T06:51:10.139Z [priority='INFO' thread='vsphere-enum-2' user='' org='' context='' parent='' token=''] c.v.p.c.m.a.v.p.VirtualMachineProcessor.processDelete:186 - []:[production]: Begin deleting machine [retiretest] with self link [/resources/compute/06510162-8982-41a1-898a-f6f721f2a41e]
2021-02-09T06:51:10.159Z [priority='INFO' thread='xn-index-updates-50' user='' org='' context='' parent='' token=''] c.v.p.c.m.a.v.processors.ProcessorUtils.lambda$retireCompute$5:219 - []:[production]: The compute [retiretest] with self link [/resources/compute/06510162-8982-41a1-898a-f6f721f2a41e] is marked as RETIRED with expiration micros [1613112670139000]

Here's your AutoConfigurer message on the deployment pane stating it has deleted the resource

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