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Experienced Technology Product Manager adept at steering success throughout the entire product lifecycle, from conceptualization to market delivery. Proficient in market analysis, strategic planning, and effective team leadership, utilizing data-driven approaches for ongoing enhancements.

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Being a Good Product Manager .....

Listen to your customers, spend more time listening to your customers

  • maniacally focus on their problems

  • have more than a basic understanding of the customer problem (at-least have a basic sense)

  • you don't want to end up building products no one wants to use

Stop listening to your customers when it comes to building solutions

  • don't always listen to your customers. Customers are the least qualified to come up with solutions

Watch the Competition

  • surfing on product hunt, reading TechCrunch does not count

  • they are a rich source of information, better understand customers problems

  • every time a company ships a feature, that's a user test I can learn from there is so much beta information and information from customers on it

Don't watch the competition

  • stop worrying so much about what the competition is doing, in our tech bubble in our echo chamber, we froth ourselves to be in the race to implement that new technology.

  • is that "new feature" that your competition released REALLY what your customers need?

Be a thief

  • if the competition creates something that really works with their customers and it works for them, don't be afraid to take that idea though

  • You don't have to come up with ALL the ideas, your job as a product manager is to solve your customer's problem so take ideas from other products/services and make it your own

Get paid

  • most of us as PMs are working on a commercial endeavor but will the CUSTOMER pay for this feature?

  • ask them what's their willingness to pay

Stop worrying about getting paid

  • Sometimes we need to look for their social needs, emotional needs, the trust of customers.

  • Customers want to feel connected, want to be entertained, they want to cheer for us. trust isn't built on megabytes. trust is built on understanding that we know who they are and that they believe that we have their best interest in our heart, we make them feel like a tribe

Speed Up!

  • Value is destroyed through inaction. as product managers, we understand how many $ it takes, the cost it takes, how many stories points it takes, but we need to GRASP is the cost of inaction

Cost of delay

  • We put off making decisions for many reasons. every-time you put off making a decision, you are destroying value. the features and the products we ship have a limited shelf life and the longer it takes them to get to market the less value they have. so every-time you're thinking of putting off that decision, you're destroying value. every time you are leaving a question that someone has gone unanswered, you're killing value.

Say No

  • As a Product Manager one has to say NO.

  • The Product Manager's role is not to make Stakeholders, CEO, Marketing Team, or Sales happy. Priority should be given to keep Customer Happy

Don't be a visionary

  • Products don't need visionaries, they need product managers who are obsessed with understanding the customer's problem and solving it. so don't be a visionary, be a product manager

Don't confuse yourself with your customers

  • you are not your customer. you may use your product, but you are NOT ALL your customers

Be Dumb

  • Always advocate for the customer and bring your customers perspective to the product

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