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Changing the IP Address of vRLCM after it's deployment

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Is there a use-case where one needs to change the IP Address of vRLCM after it's already deployed and running. Let's discuss the procedure

Take Snapshot of vRLCM ( No Memory and No Queiscing )

Modify existing DNS records to accommodate new IP Address

SSH to existing vRLCM appliance and execute below command which would assist in changing network configuration of this appliance


Press 0 to show existing configuration

Press 6 to change the IP configuration as needed

Note: Your session will be disconnected as soon as it says "Reconfiguring eth0" which is expected as the IP Address changed

Open a new session again and execute the same command to display the new network configuration

You may even check by rebooting vRLCM Appliance to see if it comes back properly, which it anyways does.

Also, go to system settings and check the new configuration

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