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Cloud Proxy Upgrade failure due to "Failure: Error downloading manifest. Please contact your vendor"

One of the most common issues for Cloud Proxy upgrade failure is due to the provider-runtime.xml file not getting populated correctly or getting corrupted


"Failure: Error downloading manifest. Please contact your vendor. The requested Url returned error: 404 Not found url"


Check the contents of provider-runtime.xml


 <property name="jobId" value="1" />_
 <property name="jobList" value='{ "Check":{ "JobStatus": "Failed", "JobState": 8, "TimeOfLastStateChange": "20210120101111.982008+000", "ErrorCode": 20, "ErrorDescription": "Error downloading manifest. Please contact your vendor. The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found URL: https:\/\/\/vai-catalog\/valm\/vmw\/a1ba78af-ec67-4333-8e25-a4be022f97c7\/\/manifest\/manifest-latest.xml", "TimeBeforeRemoval": "00000000000500.000000:000", "TimeSubmitted": "20210120101031.385064+000", "InstanceID": "VMware-VAMI:Job_1" }}' />_

If the file has contents similar to the above, manually update the file with the following contents and restart the cloud proxy.

 <property name="localRepositoryAddress" value="" />
 <property name="localRepositoryPasswordFormat" value="base64" />

This should help in fixing the Cloud Proxy Upgrade

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