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Custom Resource does not reflect the parameter changes in the Workflow

We have a Custom Resource which has a Create and Delete workflows mapped to it in vRealize Automation 8.x

Suppose there is a need in organization and you have to modify certain inputs on these workflows.

It's very easy to change this in the workflow ( vRealize Orchestrator ) end

But, the same new value does not reflect under custom resource.

The only solution available is to create a duplicated custom resource that is exactly the same except it has the new value in it.

The other drawback is that we cannot deprecate old custom resource as they would be in use.

This behavior is expected. The custom resource schema is immutable and can not be changed after the custom resource is created. The reason behind is that we don't want to allow users to break existing blueprints when "Create" vRO workflow inputs change.

This is a current limitation in vRealize Automation 8.x and is expected to be fixed in future releases

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