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Disable health broker service ( vrhb-service ) on vRA 7.x

Perform the following steps to ensure that vhrb service is disabled and not monitored by cron jobs

Note: Take Snapshots ( No Memory, No Quiescing )

Stop the health service monitor by commenting out the cron job in /etc/cron.d/monitor-vrhb-cron

Kill any instances of monitor that might be running by executing

ps -A | grep | awk '{print $1}' | xargs --no-run-if-empty kill -9 $1

Stop the health service by executing the command

service vrhb-service stop

Verify if the service is stopped if a process is found kill it manually

ps aux | grep Quorum

Cleanup the Health Service datastores ( aka Sandboxes )

rm -r /var/lib/vrhb/service-host/sandbox

rm -r /var/lib/vrhb/vra-tests-host/sandbox

Note : I have not configured health broker service in my lab so you would not see vra-test-host/sandbox command being executed

As a last step, turn off vrhb-service using chkconfig

chkconfig vrhb-service off

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