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Remediation steps to handle rollback of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16.0 and other products

Updated: Mar 1


The initial release of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16.0 took place on February 20, 2024.

However, it rolled back, along with other products within the VMware Aria Suite, within a few hours due to a new licensing requirement.

What were the versions which were released on 20th Febuary and the one's released on 29th Febuary


Version on 20 Feb

Version on 29th Feb

Upgrade Path

VMware Aria Automation


8.16.1- 23373968

If your Automation version is below 8.16.1, please upgrade to the build released on Feb 29th. If you have already upgraded, your next upgrade would be 8.16.2 or higher.

VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator



If your Automation Orchestrator is not yet upgraded, proceed with upgrading to version 8.16.1. There are no changes in the build of Orchestrator.If you have already upgraded, your next upgrade would be 8.16.2 or higher.

VMware Aria Automation Config



If your Automation Config is not yet upgraded, proceed with upgrading to version 8.16.1. There are no changes in the build of Automation Config. If you have already upgraded, your next upgrade would be 8.16.2 or higher.

VMware Aria Operations



Perform the upgrade to version 8.16.1 of Operations using the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle.

VMware Aria Operations for Logs 



If you have already upgraded to Operations for Logs 8.16.0, then go ahead and upgrade to the new build released outside of Suite Lifecycle and perform inventory sync. As build to build upgrade of products are not supported in Suite Lifecycle.

If you have an older version of Operations for Logs, then standard upgrade procedure applies from Suite Lifecycle. 

VMware Aria Operations for Networks 



You're all set,no changes are necessary.

If you've already upgraded to the build released on February 20th, then there's no further action required.

VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 

8.16.0 - 23334789


Upgrade to the new build, 8.16.0; it will be a build-to-build upgrade. If your Suite Lifecycle is already on version 8.16.0, there won't be any version change.

For those who haven't upgraded yet, follow the same path as before.

Ensure to carefully read the release notes if you are upgrading from older versions to the new one.

Let's explore the situation where you've completed the upgrade to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16.0 on February 20th.

What actions would you take with the newly released 8.16.0 version that came out on February 29th?

This is will be a build to build upgrade. As you may observe from the screenshot the version and the build number are - 23334789

When i browse to "System Upgrade" page under Lifecycle Operations of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle we do see that i recently upgraded by Suite Lifecycle to 8.16.0

Check for upgrade

It will be presented with the following 8.16.0 Build :, Build: 23377566

Remember the new build number is 23377566

I have already taken a snapshot, so i will go ahead and upgrade now

Then run pre-checks. Following pre-checks are performed during upgrade

  • Mandatory Value Check

  • Root password expiration check

  • Disk space check on / file system

  • Request in-progress check

  • VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle services health check

Once all checks are completed, then we can proceed with upgrade

Once you click on upgrade, now let's check what happens in the background to see it's progress

As a first step let's SSH into VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle's appliance

Reference: /var/log/vmware/capengine/cap-non-lvm-update/workflow.log

**** Identifies upgrade is available **** 

2024/02/29 13:03:52.642452 update_precheck.go:135: Target appliance is higher than the source appliance, patch allowed.

****  Updates are staged, RPM's are validated , Installation of RPM's ****

2024/02/29 13:04:08.530842 progress.go:11: Updates staged successfully
2024/02/29 13:04:08.531055 task_progress.go:24: Updates staged successfully
2024/02/29 13:04:09.793564 workflow_manager.go:221: Task stage completed
2024/02/29 13:04:09.793705 task_progress.go:24: Starting task ext-pre-install
2024/02/29 13:04:09.875452 progress.go:11: Starting to execute pre install extension script
2024/02/29 13:04:09.875692 command_exec.go:50: DEBUG running command: /bin/bash -c /var/tmp/95ecb5d4-bedf-4d85-81ef-97c9c3e6b1fb/
2024/02/29 13:04:09.875877 task_progress.go:24: Starting to execute pre install extension script
2024/02/29 13:04:09.928611 pre_update_script_plugin.go:75: Pre install extension script output Installing update from version to version
2024/02/29 13:04:09.928647 progress.go:11: Finished executing pre install extension script
2024/02/29 13:04:09.929051 task_progress.go:24: Finished executing pre install extension script
2024/02/29 13:04:09.965438 workflow_manager.go:221: Task ext-pre-install completed
2024/02/29 13:04:09.965718 task_progress.go:24: Starting task validate-install
2024/02/29 13:04:10.021836 progress.go:11: Running test transaction
2024/02/29 13:04:10.022014 installer.go:35: Rebuilding RPM database
2024/02/29 13:04:10.022108 task_progress.go:24: Running test transaction
2024/02/29 13:04:10.977129 installer.go:174: Checking RPMs validity
2024/02/29 13:04:11.149250 installer.go:181: Finished RPM validation
2024/02/29 13:04:11.149287 progress.go:11: Finished validating RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:11.149387 task_progress.go:24: Finished validating RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:11.182645 workflow_manager.go:221: Task validate-install completed

**** Installation starts and completes **** 

2024/02/29 13:04:11.182876 task_progress.go:24: Starting task install
2024/02/29 13:04:11.256759 progress.go:11: Installing RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:11.256975 installer.go:47: Installing RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:11.257067 task_progress.go:24: Installing RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:49.304463 installer.go:35: Rebuilding RPM database
2024/02/29 13:04:50.138162 installer.go:60: Finished RPM installation
2024/02/29 13:04:50.172422 progress.go:11: Finished installing RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:50.172548 task_progress.go:24: Finished installing RPMs
2024/02/29 13:04:50.192370 workflow_manager.go:221: Task install completed

**** Post install is triggered and completed ****

2024/02/29 13:04:50.192587 task_progress.go:24: Starting task ext-post-install
2024/02/29 13:04:50.226859 progress.go:11: Starting to execute post install extension script
2024/02/29 13:04:50.227097 command_exec.go:50: DEBUG running command: /bin/bash -c /var/tmp/95ecb5d4-bedf-4d85-81ef-97c9c3e6b1fb/ 0
2024/02/29 13:04:50.227287 task_progress.go:24: Starting to execute post install extension script
2024/02/29 13:11:06.813823 non_lvm_update_post_update_script_plugin.go:84: Post install extension script output Updating vami-sfcb.service - Removing vmtoolsd service dependency
already service is having restart policy
Finished installing version
2024/02/29 13:11:06.813872 progress.go:11: Finished executing post install extension script
2024/02/29 13:11:06.813996 task_progress.go:24: Finished executing post install extension script
2024/02/29 13:11:06.837387 workflow_manager.go:221: Task ext-post-install completed

**** Starts and finishes the final phase of upgrade ****

2024/02/29 13:11:06.841249 task_progress.go:24: Starting task metadata_update
2024/02/29 13:11:06.922190 progress.go:11: Updating appliance metadata
2024/02/29 13:11:06.922534 task_progress.go:24: Updating appliance metadata
2024/02/29 13:11:06.922769 progress.go:11: Metadata update completed
2024/02/29 13:11:06.922885 task_progress.go:24: Metadata update completed
2024/02/29 13:11:06.946944 workflow_manager.go:221: Task metadata_update completed
2024/02/29 13:11:06.947063 task_progress.go:24: Starting task cleanup
2024/02/29 13:11:07.015059 progress.go:11: Removing stage path
2024/02/29 13:11:07.015365 cleanup.go:64: Removing update directory:  /storage/95ecb5d4-bedf-4d85-81ef-97c9c3e6b1fb
2024/02/29 13:11:07.015388 task_progress.go:24: Removing stage path
2024/02/29 13:11:07.117053 cleanup.go:72: Successfully removed update location
2024/02/29 13:11:07.159940 workflow_manager.go:221: Task cleanup completed
2024/02/29 13:11:07.159989 workflow_manager.go:183: All tasks finished for workflow
2024/02/29 13:11:07.160000 workflow_manager.go:354: Updating instance status to Completed

Remember, the other logs to monitor during upgrade phases are

Pre-Upgrade & Upgrade Phase


Post Update Phase


Now that upgrade is complete , let's go ahead and review the version and build

As you can see the version is still 8.16.0 but the build number is 23377566

Which is the new build released on 29th Febuary 2024.

When we started upgrade the source was Build 23334789 released on 20th Feb

After we finished upgrade we are on Build 23377566 released on 29th Feb

Remember there is no need of any new product support packs to consume new builds of other VMware Aria Products.

The policy of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Build 23377566 contains latest checksums of the products being released on 29th Feb 2024.

If you upgrade to the new build of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle your all set.

The policy reads as below

Leave comments if there are any further questions, they will be answered.


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