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Stale Business Groups show up while using filters on Deployment tab

Came across a bug in version 7.5 where unneeded and unused business groups which no longer exists in vRA , still show up under deployments tab

Created two business groups bgone and bgtwo in my lab. As you can see they are dummy or unused ones

Logout and Login to see them under filters section of Deployments tab

Expectation would be that after deletion of these business groups you should not see them under filters anymore

But they would still be present

This issue is fixed in upcoming release of vRealize Automation 7.x

Any Business Group that is ever created remains forever in the cat_subtenant table.

To ensure stale entries are deleted , we have to execute this script mentioned below which would delete old business groups and all foreign keys that has to be removed to be able to remove old records from cat_subtenant table

Remediation Plan

  • Postgres Backup is MANDATORY

  • Using WinSCP copy pg_delete_DELETED_business_groups.sql script to /tmp of MASTER Postgres node

  • SSH to the MASTER Postgres node and run the following commands

cd /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin

./psql -d vcac -U postgres -f '/tmp/pg_delete_DELETED_business_groups.sql' 2>&1 | tee '/tmp/pg_delete_DELETED_business_groups_OUTPUT.txt'

Once above commands are executed , logout and close the browser. Clear Cache.

Open a new browser and login into vRA

Go to Deployments and filter section , you should not be able to see any unused and unneeded business groups anymore. Only valid ones would be available under this criteria

Click Here for Script and Readme zip file

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Can you maybe tell us where did you find info that this issue has been fixed in version 7.6.1?

Thanks, Urska

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