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Experienced Technology Product Manager adept at steering success throughout the entire product lifecycle, from conceptualization to market delivery. Proficient in market analysis, strategic planning, and effective team leadership, utilizing data-driven approaches for ongoing enhancements.

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Traits/Qualities of a Great Product Manager


I was reading this book "The Influential Product Manager" and came across few points which i thought are really important and it would be awesome to share this knowledge to others via a blog.

What are the important qualities of being a Great Product Manager ?

  • Curiosity

  • Sense of Ownership

  • Effective Communication

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Humble / Modest Existence

Let's discuss each quality at a time and why it matters



Curiosity means a strong desire to know or willing to learn about something interesting or new fact or object etc..

Great Product Managers are incredibly curious.

  • If something isn't working , they are relentless in trying to understand why

  • They continuously ask questions and zero in on the problem

Most of the times customers might think they need a certain feature or a product but they might need something else.

Some Product Managers might just go by what customers say but a great product manager would analyze the data or fact behind the ask , then take a decision based on the dynamics

A Great Product Manager is always outbound. He always speaks to customers , consumers or the users of the product to understand their problems in a deeper level.

What's important here is not to cater just the top customers or existing ones but to speak to anyone they can as long as they are in their target market segment

Curious Product Managers are more interested in outcomes than outputs because outcomes is a great way to measure how customer's value the product and the company

As a PM , one must never stop learning and ask questions . This is the best and must trait to possess


more to come.................

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