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Unable to stop Tomcat instance that was started as a foreground process

I was implementing HF 10 today in one of our environments to fix health broker service which was broken. There were multiple bug w.r.t health broker fixed in HF 10 so that prompted me to do so

While installing , it failed at a point where it was unable to stop tomcat for horizon-workspace

Exception was as below

Before we started HF 10 installation every pre-requisite checks were done

As above exception was clearly stating that it's unable to stop tomcat responsible for horizon-workspace , went ahead and verified if the status is actually " Running " or in a different state

Not sure what was the reason behind status of these two services being "UNKNOWN"

But a quick restart of these services

service vco-configurator restart

service horizon-workspace restart

Did bring them back into " RUNNING" state

Post that vRA 7.4 HF10 installation was successful.

Moral of the Story

Do not just go by status of VAMI service registrations , quickly do cross check if the underlying application services are in "RUNNING" state

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