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Upgrading to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12

  • Current version of vRSLCM in my lab is of version 8.10 PSPACK 9.

  • Goal is to upgrade to version 8.12. As we all know from this version onwards vRSLCM will now be refferred as VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

  • I have mapped updaterepo iso on the vRSLCM appliance using datastore iso option

  • Login into vRSLCM and then click on check for upgrade

  • Remember to take a snapshot without fail before attempting an upgrade

  • Here you go there's my update

  • There's a product pane which tells you to acknowledge that necessary prerequisites have taken place , accept to move forward

  • There are 6 validations performed

  • Upgrade started

  • During this phase check


  • After few minutes , here you go , the all nee VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12

  • Here's the home page

  • Environments pane

  • Remember , I just upgraded by vRSLCM and once done , as expected all my existing products would start displaying the new names. Unless i upgrade the product, on the product end it would still show the old branding.

  • That's the system settings

  • This concludes uprgade of vRSLCM to what now we call VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12

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Hans van der Stek
Hans van der Stek
2023년 4월 21일

Thanks for this. I am getting an error unfortunately, no upgrade available on the cdrom. Also on 8.10.09 patch 1. Any idea?

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