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VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Product Support Pack Screenshots


There's always an ask to me on what versions are supported with a specific product support pack.

That's the reason i've written this blog which has screenshots of every product support pack released for last few versions of VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle

What is a Product Support Pack?

In VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle, a Product Support Pack is a software package that updates an existing product support policy to incorporate support for new releases of VMware Aria suite of products.

Here's a link to another blog i have written which explains why you need a Product Support Pack:


VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.16.0

8.16.0 GA

VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.14.0

8.14.0 PSPACK 8

8.14.0 PSPACK 7

8.14.0 PSPACK 6

8.14.0 PSPACK 5

8.14.0 PSPACK 4

8.14.0 PSPACK 3

8.14.0 PSPACK 2

8.14.0 PSPACK 1

8.14.0 GA

VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.12.0

8.12.0 PSPACK 10

8.12.0 PSPACK 9

8.12.0 PSPACK 8

8.12.0 PSPACK 7

8.12.0 PSPACK 6

8.12.0 PSPACK 5

8.12.0 PSPACK 4

8.12.0 PSPACK 3

8.12.0 PSPACK 2

8.12.0 PSPACK 1

8.12.0 GA


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