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VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle Upgrade to 8.14 | Postupdate phase failure |

Updated: Oct 23, 2023


This is a rare occurrance and might be seen on appliances which were deployed with fips mode disabled.


Tried to explain this in a video recording hope this helps


VMware KB Article to be followed :

Always ensure there's a snapshot taken before upgrade


Proactive Measure

If your planning for an uprgade of Suite Lifecycle 8.12 to 8.14 then...

1. Create a file called fips_disable
touch /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable

2. Change permissions
chmod 644 var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable

3. Go ahead and upgrade, should be seamless


Reactive measure If you have hit the problem, then you can come out of it in 2 ways. KB lists both of the methods. Method 1

1. Revert Suite Lifecycle appliance to pre-upgrade snapshot

2. Create a file called /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable:

touch /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable

3. Set the correct permission on the file

chmod 644  /var/log/bootstrap/fips_disable

4. Retry the upgrade

Method 2 Follow the instructions laid out under second section of resolution section of KB:


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