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What's New in vRealize Automation 8.8.1

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

vRealize Automation 8.8.1 capabilities are focusing on the areas of multi-cloud support with ability to

  • Enable/Disable Log Analytics for Azure VMs

  • Manage resource RBAC permission with quick create VM

  • Resolved CVE-2022-22965.


The benefits of vRealize Automation 8.8.1 include:

  • Cloud Guardrails initial functionality to access the out of the template library, the ability to combine templates into desired states, and the ability to enforce desired states

  • Ability to enable/disable Log Analytics for Azure VMs - Day2 - Customers can now enable/disable Azure VM log Analytics.

  • Manage resource RBAC permission with quick create VM : Quick create VM / Quick create VM with existing network /Quick create VM with new/existing storage

  • Updated Spring version 5.3.18 to resolve CVE-2022-22965 - please see

  • Support for remote vSphere agents - vRealize Automation on-premises will support management of remote vCenter Server Cloud accounts

  • Updated vRO AWS plugin that supports newer AWS Java SDK


Documentation and Links

Download links:

Release Notes:

Documentation Links:


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10 giu 2022

thank you for sharing on this latest release

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